South Africa’s unemployment rate rose over 4% to 32.6% in Q1 2021, the highest since the Quarterly Labour Force Survey began.  Young people are particularly impacted, with graduate unemployment at 40.3% for those aged 15-24.  According to Statistics South Africa, job losses are primarily in construction, followed by trade and other sectors.


The unemployment rate amongst young people aged 15-25 in South Africa shows that the skills gap contributes to this challenge.  The main reason is the influence of technological advancement in various sectors of the economy.  The digital transformation experienced globally in multiple industries can quickly turn knowledge gained through education null and void.

This project aims to create solutions for the skills gap experienced in various educational programmes through design thinking methodologies to embed entrepreneurship in built environment academic programmes to enable graduates to get higher chances at fitting in the continuously changing work environment.  Although London South Bank University (LSBU) UK has embedded entrepreneurship education in some courses within its School of Built Environment and Architecture, this partnership will allow LSBU to extend entrepreneurship into courses in emerging construction technologies.

The project has identified three distinct stakeholder groups:  students facing economic and social challenges; industry with declining economic strength and a shortage of skills needed to adapt and modernise; university staff with a remit to deliver entrepreneurship education.


This project is implemented by Mangosuthu University of Technology, London South Bank University and KwaZulu-Natal Master Builders and Allied industries

We wish this project well as we unite to grow and innovate Africa for youth employment opportunities

British Council – Innovation for African Universities Programme (IAU)


The IAU programme is implemented by the Centre of Excellence (CoE), a partnership between the City, University of London, the University of Nairobi and ChangeSchool UK.


The Programme comprises 24 partnerships of UK universities, SSA universities and entrepreneurial ecosystem organisations.  The Programme is running in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa.

We’re looking forward to working in partnership with the project to exchange knowledge and ideas to strengthen the role of universities in entrepreneurship ecosystems.


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