NIW 2023 Focus Areas

The NIW 2023 focus will be on the following; Innovations and start-ups in Education, food security & nutrition, affordable housing, health care, ICT, environment and climate change, business modeling, and cross-cutting sectors Incubation and Mentorship for innovators within the university Strengthening existing partnerships and acquiring new partners to enhance the innovation ecosystem in the university […]

Accelerating Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa

Accelerating Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainable Tourism in Africa Over the past 20 years, tourism has become vital to African economies. The African tourism sector has global potential due to its unique cultural and environmental features, characterised by diverse heritage, wildlife, and fauna. This potential is ripe for exploitation by youth through innovative entrepreneurial […]

Accelerating Entrepreneurship Support in Universities in Kenya- AESU

Fast-growth entrepreneurial ventures are essential for prosperity and social progress.  Small businesses can be agile early movers in adapting to new trends and responding to crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.  Universities play a crucial role in underpinning innovation and entrepreneurial activities.  They provide the conditions, facilities and talent that foster the emergence of breakthrough […]

Faculty of Law: Junto incorporation team at the 2022 NIW

Junto is an electric glass crusher developed to solve the problem of glass waste disposal. Scientific research has shown that glass takes a million years to decompose, and this is a major threat to the environment. However, Junto exploits the infinite recyclable nature of glass to create a solution. It crushes glass bottles to glass […]

The Faculty of Agriculture showcases innovations at the NIW

See the delighted staff from the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection showcasing their innovations. Prof. P. Kimani showcasing his innovation of bean VarietiesProf. Jane Ambuko with his students showcasing  their innovations Juliana Cheboi and Catherine Mueni   showcasing their innovation of pigeon pea genotypes

Students Showcase Their Innovations At The NIW 2022

The annual Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW) was launched in 2015 to promote Kenya’s and the world’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Throughout the years, The University has continually encouraged and supported student innovations with the Hult prize UoN Chapter-winning teams being given a chance to showcase their innovation at the Nairobi Innovation Week 2022. StoFresh(formerly called […]