S/NO Name Title Faculty
1 George Ooko Abong Food products innovations Agriculture
2 Duke Gekonge Innovative processing and commercialization of underutilized foods/ Agriculture
3 Lucy Gicuku Njue Use of Garlic and extracts as food preservative, Decontaminant and as a supplement Agriculture
4 Akpoko Development of High Protein-Fiber Biscuits made from wheat pollard and defatted soy flour Agriculture
5 Catherine Kunyanga Food products and value addition Agriculture
6 Catherine Kunyanga Spirit-Based Alcoholic Beverage From Agave Americana Plant For Drylands In Kenya. Agriculture
7 Angela Wanjiku Mwangi Development Of Cultured Bovine Milk Supplemented With Baobab Fruit Pulp Agriculture
8 Elijah Mwangi Effects of inclusion of sundried and aspergillus oryzae-fermented cassava peels meal in broiler diets on performance Agriculture
9 Mogeni Isaac Harrison Tea Wine Agriculture
10 Felix Odhiambo Smart Move For Wildlife Conservation Tourism   Through Tech-Gis Agriculture
11 Isaac Development of biobased food packaging material Agriculture
12 Diane Nabikolo Development Of A Safe Ready To Eat Bhajia Snack Fortified With Grasshopper (Ruspolia Differens) Powder Agriculture
13      Dr. Joseph Mwaniki Laboratory Robot Arm Science and Technology
14      Dr. Joseph Mwaniki Reaction Liquid Auto Sampler In Repeated Mixing Operations Science and Technology
15      Dr. Joseph Mwaniki Remote Access To  Ac Equipment When Power Switch Is Inaccessible Science and Technology
16      Dr. Joseph Mwaniki Monitor For Ongoing Scientific Experimental Data Over The Internet From A Remote Location Science and Technology
17      Dr. Joseph Mwaniki Automatic Precision Liquid Dispenser With Sensor Driven Batch Flask Collector Science and Technology
18      Dr. Joseph Mwaniki Automated Test-Tube Rack For Column Chromatography Science and Technology
19 Mr. Fredrick Alunala Mahumu  M-Mkopo Science and Technology
20 Nick Omolo Were Prothea Kenya Science and Technology
21 Muindi Silk, One Material, Many Applications Science and Technology
22 Prof. Richard Mibey Use Of Organic Agar Media For Tissue Culture Science and Technology
23 Lincoln Gakuya Gema Loyalty Solutions Science and Technology
24 Mr. Ronald Shiloli Parksby Science and Technology
25 Prof Lilac Osanjo UONBI African attire fabrics and fashion FBED
26 Steve Otieno Wakazi Works Platform. A Referral- Based Digital Workplace for connecting skilled artisans in Kenya with clients. FBED
27 Vincent Mugendi Waste Wise-   The Smarter way to manage waste FBED
28 Immaculate Ann Design fashion collection FBED
29 Leonard Andy Manzi Students Welfare (Faculty of Education) FED
30 Dr Boniface Ngaruiya for student Andy Uon -Fed Chat Box FED
31 Josphat maina Phone Monitor Best Anti Theft Technology FED
32 Ojina William Ochieng Tallow Candles FED
33 Musimba Kyalo Conferencing Made Easy FED
34 Victor Baraza Tawi FHS
35 Nick Were Omollo Prothea FHS
36 Josiah Mbote Prescription reminding devices FHS
37 Steph Apondi Dawa Mfukoni FHS
38 Leah Wangari Kinyanjui Warrior Glow FHS
39 Rugami Linda Njoki Cera App FHS
40 Olivia Osiro Low cost glass ionomer cements FHS
41 Nick Were Omollo Docthus FHS
42 Duncan Mbuge Potato harvester Engineering
43 Solar system design toolkit Engineering
44 Geoffrey Murithi Kiogora Shiriki Mobile App Engineering
45 Teddy Gregory Lenga Identification of Potential Fishing Zones Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques Engineering
46 Joseph Suhudu Super-App architecture without recompilation Engineering
47 Mr. Bonface Munyole A Smart Irrigation system, non-academic Engineering
48 Mellese Yimam Particle Packing Technology in concrete mix design Engineering
49 Kauthar Hassan Design and fabrication of a household Gasifier Engineering
50 Davies Segera a) Low cost C-PAP machine for aiding in breathing difficulties in local hospitals Engineering
51 Peter AKUON b) Low cost photo-therapy equipment for treatment of Jaundice in children Engineering
52 Brian Waweru Muciri Rental Property Management Software Law
53 Charles Nyankieya LetraWind Law
54 Geita Kelvin Wachanga Qijani Law
55 George Gitao Use of Bivalent vaccine and TADs application in control of Goat diseases(Anticipate) Veterinary
56 Jack Oyugi Application of Reverse Aqua Serial Dilution (RASD) technology in commercial fish protein production Veterinary
57 Boaz Nyakuti TRUSTIVET APP; An app that finds to effectively connect farmers and pet owners to vet practitioners, vet clinics and agrovetss Veterinary
58 Dr. Nduhiu Gitahi Peepoo Toilet Bag. “A single use self sanitizing Toilet”. Turning Human Waste to Fertilizer. Veterinary
59 Andrew Makanya Use Of Shell-Free Ostrich Eggs For Embryo And Chorioallantoic Membrane Culture For Drug Testing In Cancer Therapy Veterinary