food security

Food security challenges experienced in Kenya and other African countries are mainly food unavailability, pests and diseases, poor crop and livestock productivity, water and farming land scarcity, post-harvest losses, poor soil management, archaic farming methods among others. Technology and innovation play a vital role in mitigating some the aforementioned challenges. Do have innovation and technology such as ; up-to-date farming machinery, pesticides and herbicides, spatial repellents, development of drop-resistant crops, genetic engineering, tissue culture, affordable diagnostic tool kits,low-cost animal semen preservation mechanisms, low-cost veterinary pharmaceuticals, water desalination technologies, 

affordable irrigation systems, water storage technologies, development of minimal land use farming systems like aquaponics, vertical and indoor farming. low-cost dries, vacuum sealing, cleaning, and packaging technologies.

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Venue: University of Nairobi main campus

Date :   26th April, 2022 to 28th April, 2022