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This paper discusses research on the recently introduced teacher performance appraisals in public schools The objectives of this research study were to establish the demographic and work characteristics of teachers in public primary schools in Mumias East Sub County and to assess the reaction of the said teachers to the use of the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) tool for all teachers. Using descriptive survey research design the target population consisted of 53 primary schools with 53 Head and Deputy Head teachers and 512 teachers, all employed by the Teachers’ Service Commission. Stratified sampling was used to select 30% of schools that participated in the study yielding a total sample size of 17 deputy head-teachers and 154 teachers as actual respondents. Data were collected using questionnaires and observation. The study has established the relationships of both deputy head teachers and teachers’ demographic characteristics on teachers’ appraisal of job performance. Moreover, teachers are not opposed to the appraisal but the manner in which the appraisal tool is administered. Thus, the Teachers’ Service Commission in conjunction with other education bodies ought to create awareness in public primary school deputy head teachers and teachers on the purpose of the appraisal tool in relation to teacher’s job performance

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