AVC RIE Remarks

The University strategic plan recognizes Research and Innovation as core pillars that contribute to the development of society through creation, preservation, application and dissemination of knowledge which we continue to activity participate in order to enhance national and global development.

We recognize that the general public benefits a lot from new products, processes, plant varieties and other intellectual creations resulting from discoveries, inventions and creative activities by the University staff, students and associates in the course of their stay at the University.

To support these research and innovation activities, the University of Nairobi has an established Research, Innovation & Enterprise RIE division. One of the main activities of the Division is to have an annual Nairobi Innovation Week (NIW).

This year’s event is the sixth Nairobi Innovation Week in a series of such events which started in the year 2015. The event brings together a wide range of stakeholders including, innovators, startups, funders, investors, government agencies and embassies. It provides excellent opportunities for networking with future partners and greater visibility to all members.

The event will be hosted from April 26th to 28th 2022 at the University Great Court grounds with over 50 exhibitors across areas of affordable Housing, Manufacturing, Health, Food Security, Energy, Environment and ICT showcasing cutting edge innovations.

I take this earliest opportunity to welcome all members of the General Public to come and learn of the new innovations and contribute to more creativity and knowledge through sharing, networking and business visibility.