Vice Chancellor Remarks

The University of Nairobi, since 2015, has run a successful Nairobi innovation week aimed at contributing and catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the higher education institutions sector in Kenya and beyond. This is in tandem with its mandate as a research-intensive university to foster research output that creates innovation and enterprises that makes solutions that solve social problems and contribute to socio-economic development. The University, through the division of Research Innovation and Enterprise, has created through Nairobi innovation week a platform for students, academia, innovators, startups, industry, government, enablers, and funders to advance innovation and entrepreneurial discourse; develop a culture of innovation in the country; celebrate and showcase cutting edge innovation; inspire the young generation of researcher and students in innovation space and connect all stakeholders to discuss how innovation and entrepreneurship can be mainstreamed in all sectors of the economy for sustainable and more prosperous societies.

This year Nairobi Innovation Week is significant after two years of covid -19 pandemic. Students, academia, innovators, startup, industry, policymakers, enablers, and funders will come together to showcase innovation born out of the pandemic and discuss how to promote resilient societies through innovation and entrepreneurship. Nairobi innovation week over the years has sought to support and accelerate the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kenya and the region.

Nairobi Innovation Week 2022 will showcase cutting-edge innovations from the student, faculty, innovators, and start-ups to policymakers, funders, industry, innovation enablers, nongovernmental organizations, research institutions, and the general public. Particularly university of Nairobi alumni trailblazers in different sectors will be celebrated as heroes of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The University of Nairobi is again thrilled to invite the students, academia, innovators, industry, policymakers, enablers, and funders to attend Nairobi Innovation Week at the main campus great court on April 26th -28th, 2022. The theme of the event is “Innovation for transformation and impact in the society. “