Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub

Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub 

“Creating Jobs through plastic recycling.”

The plastic pollution problem is enormous in Nigeria due to its vast population (currently at 206 million).  However, it presents opportunities for job creation for the unemployed youth.  Nigeria aims to prevent further plastic pollution, create jobs and increase business opportunities through a circular economy.  To achieve this, there is a significant challenge of shortage of skills to innovate and implement interventions for the circular plastic economy.

Previous studies have identified how frontier technology (such as additive manufacturing) and/or digital innovations (such as mobile applications) could support a shift to a circular plastic economy.  However, there is still a gap in knowledge on how universities could play a key role in developing capacity and skills as well as creating an enabling and thriving innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system for the circular plastic economy

Pan Africa University, Life and Earth Sciences Institute with Health and Agriculture (PAULESI), De Montfort University, and Co-creation Ltd (CcHUB) have come together to create the Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub.  The hub will evaluate how pivotal players can combine efforts to build innovative models to transform the circular economy.

The project will investigate how universities can drive a thriving eco-system to build capacity and foster innovation and entrepreneurship for the circular plastic economy.  In addition, the hub will explore how frontier technology and digital innovation can create technical efficiency to leapfrog some of the most critical circular economy sectors in Africa.

An enabling eco-system in universities will help create, transform, and communicate knowledge, improving student employability and nurturing innovations for converting waste into useful products.

We wish this project well as we unite to grow and innovate Africa for youth employment opportunities

British Council – Innovation for African Universities Programme (IAU)

The British Council IAU programme is implemented by the Centre of Excellence (CoE) which is a partnership between the City University of London, the University of Nairobi, and ChangeSschool UK.

The Programme comprises 24 partnerships of UK universities, SSA universities, and entrepreneurial eco-system organisations.  The programme is running in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa.

The CoE is looking forward to working in partnership with the Circular Plastic Economy Innovation Hub to exchange knowledge and ideas to strengthen the role of universities in entrepreneurship eco-systems.

To find out more on the IAU Programme, visit:

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