NIW 2023 Focus Areas

The NIW 2023 focus will be on the following; Innovations and start-ups in Education, food security & nutrition, affordable housing, health care, ICT, environment and climate change, business modeling, and cross-cutting sectors Incubation and Mentorship for innovators within the university Strengthening existing partnerships and acquiring new partners to enhance the innovation ecosystem in the university […]

NIW 2022 Key Outcomes

The 6th edition of NIW was held on 26th-28th April 2022. Some of the key outcomes of the NIW 2022 were; Employment of students Safaricom. Exhibitors Increased business networks. UNES adopted an automated water dispenser showcased during Nairobi Innovation Week. The students and the staff can now access clean drinking water while in campus The […]

NIW 2022 at Glance

NIW 2022 STATISTICS   78 exhibitors who included student and staff innovators, industry, individual entrepreneurs, MSMES, banks, government ministries and institutions in the innovation eco system, research institutions and other Universities. over 2500 attended the event physically and virtually from all over the world 21 students innovators participated in a Hackathon conducted by SAFARICOM and […]

The Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme (YEAP)

The Youth Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme (YEAP) Youth unemployment has been extensively identified in the literature as a significant economic malaise causing social inequalities and leading to social vices, especially in SSA. The ability of young people to innovate, adapt and embrace change is equally acknowledged as crucial to addressing the problem of unemployment and its […]

WECAP- Wits Entrepreneurship Clinic Accelerator Programme

Creating Job Opportunities for the Youth in South Africa The Total Entrepreneurial Activity score in South Africa is approximately 11%, while unemployment amongst South African youth grows at an alarming rate of 63%. This is due to the little support for entrepreneurship as a career trajectory historically at the university level despite its significant establishment. […]


The 21st-century market reality is characterised by a considerable gap between school curricula and marketplace demand. Most graduates in the marketplace need to develop relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes required to solve critical problems in the workplace while in school. Nigeria’s population has a large percentage of young inhabitants, and there is a high demand […]


TransCIIT: Transforming Climate Innovation Ecosystems through Inclusive Transdisciplinarity.   Matching the climate entrepreneur’s needs with masters students’ expertise Sub-Saharan African countries characterised by high poverty index, growing population, and increased pollution levels pose a significant danger of harsh realities of climate change.  Therefore, the COVID pandemic and the growing poverty group in SSA countries will […]

The Nexus Project

In 2040, Africa will be the continent with the largest workforce in the world.  However, today’s job prospects are insufficient for the working-age population, and formal jobs cannot absorb this increasingly talented and creative body of workers.  Entrepreneurship is a promising approach to “transform job seekers into job creators”, hence the challenge – How can […]

Supporting youth social entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa (SYSE)

Social Entrepreneurship Opportunities to solve Youth unemployment in SSA. Despite Sub-Saharan African youth demonstrating clear social entrepreneurial intention or practice, considerable barriers exist for social entrepreneurs starting and scaling their enterprises.  South Africa, just like other SSA countries, experiences significant obstacles to social entrepreneurs starting & scaling their enterprises, including lower personal investment funds & […]

STEM and Social Impact Business Incubator

Africa currently has the youngest population in the world.  Africa, therefore also has the world’s fastest-growing labour force, which means the continent needs to upskill the workforce, create jobs and increase job creators. Innovative interventions are needed to equip the youth with the necessary skills to gain employment and upskill the job creators to create […]