The 21st-century market reality is characterised by a considerable gap between school curricula and marketplace demand. Most graduates in the marketplace need to develop relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes required to solve critical problems in the workplace while in school.
Nigeria’s population has a large percentage of young inhabitants, and there is a high demand for educational opportunities for its young populace. However, available jobs require some specialised skills that the prospective employee must have learnt before advancing to the marketplace. There is evidence of inappropriate or insufficient career exploration options, the limited scope of required skills and a lack of adequate career planning among the graduates.
University Innovation Hub (U-CoHUB) is a university-fit ideation program designed to empower university undergraduates with skills, mentorship, leadership, global opportunities and technical support to become providers of solutions to social and real-life problems. In addition, the project will support creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation and provide opportunities for University Undergraduates to develop and showcase innovative ideas for social impacts.

U-CoHUB is a partnership between the University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Liverpool John Moores University and Teenpreneurs Educational Foundation, providing a solution for the university ecosystem to access essential support for career advancement, solve problems, and drive social business. Through the U-CoHUB, fresh graduates will access mentorship, technical support, and opportunities to showcase their innovations and enterprises in a safe space that enhances their holistic growth.
We wish this project well as we unite to grow and innovate Africa for youth employment opportunities
British Council – Innovation for African Universities Programme (IAU)
The Centre of Excellence implements the British Council IAU programme, a partnership between the City, University of London, the University of Nairobi, and ChangeSchool UK.
The Programme comprises 24 partnerships of UK universities, SSA universities and entrepreneurial ecosystem organisations. The Programme is running in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana & South Africa.
We’re excited to be a partner in the British Council’s Innovation for African Universities programme. We look forward to supporting and working with Sub-Saharan Africa’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

We’re looking forward to working in partnership with U-CoHUB to exchange knowledge and ideas to strengthen the role of universities in entrepreneurship ecosystems.

To find out more: www.britishcouncil.org/education/he-science/news/entrepreneurship-projects-Africa-have-been-announced

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